Business Central 1099 Forms Setup

Introduction- Business Central 1099 Forms Setup

Every business has to process 1099 statements annually. To make the processing simpler for your accounts team, you should opt for Business Central 1099 Forms Setup. It is extremely user-friendly and it continues to update your vendor amounts all round the year.


1099 Forms Setup In D365 Business Central

Business Central 1099 Forms Setup Boxes are automatically present in the system and they are updated through Job Queue Entries.


(NOTE: The 1099 reports will only be generated for all vendors above the minimum reportable amount for the assigned 1099 code, and the payments must be applied to the purchase invoices within the same calendar year.)


To review the minimum amounts of each 1099 IRS Code:

  • Open the global search and look for “1099 form boxes”. In the 1099 Form Boxes window, you will find the 1099 codes and their minimum reportable amounts. 
  • Click on the “Edit List” option to modify any of the amounts and these changes will be saved once you close the window.
Business Central 1099 Forms Setup
These are the 1099 form boxes that help you to review each amounts of 1099 IRS codes.


  • To set up a 1099 vendor: Open the vendors’ list and select the vendor that you will be setting up as a 1099 vendor.
1099 Vendor List Form
This forms helps you to open the vendor list to select the vendor you want to set as 1099 vendor.
  • Within the Payments Fast Tab, select the IRS 1099 Code for the vendor and enter their Federal ID number.
 Vendor Card
This is how your vendor card will look like.
  • Click on the back arrow in the top left of the vendor card to save the changes.

Transaction Processing for Business Central 1099 Forms Setup

  • You can add the IRS Code automatically to the transaction under the Shipping and Payment Fast Tab. For this transaction, the code can be overridden to a different 1099 code or removed all together.
How to quickly setup Business Central 1099 Forms?
Set your 1099 forms with Business Central
  • Within the lines section, the IRS 1099 Liable Field will automatically populate, if an IRS 1099 Code is assigned to a document. If the line item is not 1099 liable, you can unmark this field.
 Vendor Forms with Microsoft Business Central
Set your 1099 Vendor Forms quickly with Microsoft Business Central
Final Vendor Amount
If you have setup the form correctly, this is how the final vendor amount will look like.


1099 Corrections 

Corrections to vendor 1099 amounts can be done within the Vendor Ledger Entries Window. In this window, you can review the list of invoices and assign the IRS 1099 Code and amount for the total 1099 amounts to be reflected appropriately.

Vendor Ledger Entries Window
Vendor Ledge Entries in Business Central

Once you are done correcting the transactions, you can run the “Vendor 1099 Information” report to verify the totals.



Business Central 1099 Forms Setup is extremely easy. 1099 forms is a great feature offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance as once you setup the a vendor as 1099 vendor, the amounts start to track in the software throughout the year. You can follow the steps given above to setup your forms quickly.



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