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Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you search for bank reco, Business Central does not open the bank reco screen but instead opens the Bank Rec Worksheet? This issue is faced by a lot of users and so, this article talks about resolving it.


This issue majorly happens after an upgrade when you setup a new environment. Sometimes, the issue also arises randomly. Microsoft rolls out new updates and features and as an administrator, you can turn on the new features using the Feature Management page.


Note that the features may be switched off by default, but can be enabled/disabled as required by the business.


What to do when Business Central Bank Reco does not open up?

To resolve the issue follow the steps below:

  • Sometimes, when you search for bank reconciliation by clicking on the search option
What to do when Business Central reco does not open ?
Simply add bank reco in the search bar.
  •  It opens the Bank Rec Worksheet as seen below,
Business Central Bank Rec Sheet
This is the bank rec worksheet.
  • Instead of the split bank reco screen which was expected as below, showing statement lines and bank ledger entries on the right side
Split Bank Reco Screen
This is how your bank reco sheet should look like.

To fix the issue search for Feature Management. When you do that, the below window should open up.

  • Please select the field which says “Standardized Banking”
Business Central bank reco does not open up
Select the field that is highlighted
  • Ensure it is enabled for all users as seen below
Steps to follow when bank reco sheet doesn't open
Enable it for all users
  • This then allows to create bank reconciliation in the system and opens the right screen as seen below
Business Central Bank Reco Screen
This is how your screen should look like


Conclusion- Business Central Reco does not open up

Feature management can be used to enable and disable features for users. Using these simple steps with feature management will help you to resolve the issue of bank reco screen not opening up properly. 


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