Peritos Nominated for AWS Small Business Think Big Initiative 2023

The Think Big for Small Business Program from AWS consulting services offers exclusive access to business, technical, and marketing support for small and/or minority-owned public entities. This program provides access to cloud-based services and the opportunity to gain experience with international agencies, governments, and the space industry. There are three main reasons to like this globally available program:


Firstly, it celebrates and promotes diversity by focusing on small and diverse business partners, which helps to elevate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and minority-owned businesses (MOBs). This program supports governments, countries, cities, and agencies in achieving this goal.

Secondly, the program offers global coverage, which includes geographic diversity. The program was the brainchild of Linh Le, the AWS Public Sector Partner leader from Singapore. He worked with team members worldwide to create an exceptional partner experience.

Lastly, the program supports small businesses, which aligns with AWS’s founding principle that the cloud is an empowering technology for companies of all sizes. The Think Big for Small Business Program aligns with the government’s focus on supporting small businesses.

Peritos’ nomination for the AWS Small Business Think Big Initiative 2023 marks a significant recognition of their innovative prowess. Our certified technical experts have successfully accelerated AWS consulting services development and are proud to have earned multiple partner program validations. We collaborate with the AWS Small Business initiative to exceed small to medium-business owners’ expectations by delivering IT solutions that meet their needs. 

This nomination reflects our commitment to pushing boundaries and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. As a frontrunner in the small business landscape, our potential to harness AWS resources for growth and expansion is evident. The nomination validates their strategic insight and highlights their dedication to staying ahead in an evolving business world. It’s a testament to Peritos’ drive to turn challenges into opportunities and solidifies our position as a forward-thinking player poised to excel through the fusion of vision and technology.

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