Why Microsoft Business Central

Why Microsoft Business Central

If you have in your mind Why Microsoft Business Central, then here is the answer. Today is the age of data. We were creating more than 4 quintillion bytes of data a day in late October 2021 and we have created over 90% of all data ever, just in the last 2 years. Hidden within this data is nothing but opportunity. An opportunity brought about by the recognition of patterns and their implementation within the perspective of an enterprise. Earlier ERP (as the enabler of this opportunity is named) was the domain of large enterprises. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM has created an affordable ERP system specifically from the perspective of Small and Mid-range enterprises. Welcome to Business Central.


Centralize the business with Business Central

Integration of any business through an ERP is essential for its growth and continuity. Now, with most ERPs geared to assist large businesses, they lack the perspective of a Startup (both small and medium)  and do not provide an acceptable ROI. Business Central offers the following features geared towards small and medium enterprises

  • Seamless Cloud Integration with almost no downtime
  • Established CRM that builds brand loyalty for your customers and increases their customer lifetime value.
  • Safe, secure data storage with very fast transfer speeds across systems
  • Dynamic updation and evaluation automatically boost productivity
  • Detailed project management ensuring deadlines are met and project budget dynamically optimized. (Vital for enterprises with few clients)
  • Ensure supply chain and inventory management, crucial for startups
  • Complete financial transparency
  • Integration across platforms
  • Highly flexible software with a great deal of customization to perfectly suit the need of each enterprise.


Features that indicates Why Microsoft Business Central

Let’s take a closer look at How Business Central performs in certain key areas to see which enterprise is it best suited for and why. 

How it is intended to be used

Business Central ensures that the vision of an enterprise is realized through the most optimal customizations carried out by Business Central on behalf of its client. This ensures seamless integration of Business Central with the processes of the enterprise.  

The Price is Right

Business Central offers its subscription at extremely competitive rates with distinct packages for its advanced modules. This ensures the customer only pays for what they use while also enhancing the customization with this ERP offers.


From manufacturing right up to the store

Business Central has inbuild manufacturing, supply and logistics capabilities which help it enhance these processes tremendously while also integrating them with each other. Moreover, feedback mechanisms for all these processes gradually optimize the entire system.

Rapid Upgradation

 Business Central is constantly updating itself but to ensure large upgrades do not disrupt the ERP reliant processes for long, they are programmable to a desired time and date as well.


Country-Specific Localizations reason for Why Microsoft Business Central

 Business Central offers country-specific localisations to ensure business processes are regulated according to the legal framework unique to each nation.


Core Modules

 The core modules include:

  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Finance
  • Assembly management


These can be used in conjunction with advanced modules like

  • Warehouse management
  • Project Management
  • Fixed assets
  • Relationship management
  • Human resources
  • Planning
  • Service management
  • Manufacturing
  • Company Hub: For intracompany dealings


To Sum Up

With its repertoire of features, low cost, multiple options and excellent customization Business Central is the ERP of choice for all enterprises, particularly startups, small and medium enterprises.

 The digital age we find ourselves in is a new ecosystem where business can now understand their own processes, challenges and potential in real-time aided with software created for just that task. To let your business work for you, the answer is simply Business Central.

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