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AWS IoT Integration

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AWS IoT integration

The world today is witnessing a growing trend in the use of technology in the health sector. This gave us an opportunity in assisting our client, a pharmaceutical company in tracking medical devices and the quality of medicines on the go along with the inventory and transit status.In this case study we discuss:

  • How we implemented a small IoT application with a toolkit to assure product quality, elevate efficiency of medical devices and raise alert in case manual intervention is required
  • Set up AWS for the application in order to manage the devices seamlessly
  • Interaction with the device to fetch vital information
  • Finally creating a mobile application and using AWS IoT to monitor the devices


We used the below solution components to create a responsive web application which gives a holistic view of all the devices connected to the system as well as information on their vital parameters. 

  • Creating screen design using SAP Build on Fiori Guidelines.
  • Raspberry Pi3
  • Humidity and Temperature sensor to be added
  • Using AWS IoT core functionality.
  • Responsive web application
  • Backend in Azure
  • Coding in C#, JavaScript and Angular 5 using Fiori guidelines
  • Using MQTT to receive data


We encountered some issues as below: 

  • AWS setup and pricing was complicated to understand as it is based on usage and consumption which was a difficult thing to assess at the start of application
  • Ensuring data privacy and security is of utmost importance in this case. Since devices can be hacked without much effort due to poor encryption and that could allow unauthorised access
  • Impeccable quality assurance of the whole set up was to be achieved in this case of pharmaceutical industry which involves dealing with medicines are surgical instruments so there was a need for real sharing of information if anything was not going as expected 
  • It was difficult to understand the client vision of how they needed the UI.
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  • Responsive web application
  • Login mechanism using 2 Factor authentication
  •  Integration with AWS IoT to send and receive data 

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