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Microsoft PowerBI is one of most used BI Visualization tool which comes with a lot of out of visualizations. This helps BI developers in creating reports and dashboard by integrating with data source of choice. Apart from out of box visualization, BI developers can also use visualization that are available over PowerBI marketplace, which satisfies the data analysis requirements.
In this white paper, you will learn how we created a custom PowerBI visualization for the customer for their Power BI data analysis requirements. The document covers the technical details around the process we followed.


  • To fulfil the client’s requirements, we provided the flexible and scalable solution with the help of Power BI custom visualizations.
  • We used Power BI CLI tool to create the build the custom visualizations.
  • We leveraged the power of React to for efficiently DOM manipulations.
  • TypeScript played an important role for static code analysis to make code less error prone.
  • Advance custom UI developed to manage the highly configurable system.


  •  Discovery the relevant examples in the community for advance configurations
  • Integration of React with Power BI
  • Advance custom UI development and management the persisted configurations
  • Reverse engineering of the already built custom visualizations
  • Debugging and running the already built examples as they are outdated
  • Lack in the Power BI documentations
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  • We helped customer to publish this report in Power BI
  • This report can now be shared with organization wide with all users
  • Custom visualization developed and now can be controlled with highly configurable advance UI
  • Custom Features like Vertical text, Icon Set configuration, Sort, filter, slicer and other default options


  • ReactJS code base
  • Power BI customized visual with Reporting capabilities of Power BI
  • Configurable options for custom visual

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