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SAP Integration with 3rd Party – REST, WSDL based

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We help clients to move to the cloud from their existing system landscape. For this particular case study we helped the client to move to website hosted in WordPress to Azure. 

In this white paper, you will learn how we helped the client to migrate to Azure cloud with a cost effective, flexible cloud migration path. Make use of  all the tools and resources provided by Azure and at a minimum cost you could move your website to Azure and if you have a good standing reputation and cloud consumption owing to your wide user base you may also qualify for a migration incentive from Azure which can cover all your costs.

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  • SAP integration or Use case for SAP development
  • Define Technical architecture for SAP integration projects

System Access

  • Get Access to R/3 , S./4 Latest Versions starting from 50$ per month to 100$ per month depending on what version you select
  • Support for any system issues
  • SAP developer access to try out the integration

Case Study

  • Download the case study to know more how we did this project
  • Understand the right questions to ask
  • Know more about the issues we faced and our learnings



  • Migration of data and applications securely without impacting the existing user base
  • Using Traffic manager to configure routing to 2 different websites
  • Adding Auth0 with Traffic manager routing traffic to different domains


We encountered some issues as below: 

  • We faced some issues pertaining to system changes not working as per new standards
  • Creating a back-up strategy without having proper  backup tools(like VMware) in place
  • Ensuring this end-to-end migration did not lead to data loss
  • Additional Security related enhancements to be added for ensuring reports are not modified by unauthorised users. 
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  • Website is now successfully migrated to Azure
  • Based on Incoming traffic from different region, the traffic was route to the right website subdomain.
  • Users from different social networking sites can login into the website.
  • Password reset option is working properly.
  • Entire site’s content is properly migrated.


  • A cloud ready website
  • Auth0 Integrated Authentication
  • Additional Azure services like Traffic Manager
  • Adding SSL certificate adding to site security

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Watch Video Tutorial Here

Use Promotion Management tool to export and import file in LCMBIAR format

Manage Security settings for SAP BOBJ this includes managing folder and access rights, Add Folder and user level security settings.

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