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Mailchimp Case Study

Brand awareness is one of the major agenda of businesses in the inception stage. Email marketing is increasingly used for brand awareness today owing to its benefits over the conventional marketing methods. Mailchimp is an always-on marketing platform which sends 6 billion emails a week and helps in growing small businesses. In this case study we discuss:

  • How we assisted our client in setting up a campaign using Mailchimp
  • Thorough understanding of Mailchimp design tool to create sophisticated campaigns that stand out
  • End-to-end implementation of the campaign along with the consultation provided pertaining to segmentation and targeting of the right audience for the campaign
  • Gathering and analyzing the insights received for the campaign and thereby planning the way forward
  • Download the Checklist which we prepared 


We helped our client in understanding this email marketing service and automation platform and how we can leverage the same in enhancing their business capabilities. The details of the solution provided are mentioned below:  

  • Understanding the business needs and the output expected from this implementation
  • Creating an eye catching landing page to get user information, using this information to target the customers and send them personalized emails(in the Primary folder)
  • Creation of a Mailchimp campaign from the inception stage to the delivery and maintenance
  • Targeting the campaign at the right audience and engaging them so that the desired results are produced
  • Combining the Mailchimp campaign with other tools for a better collaboration and expanding the potential(Mailchimp works with over 300 apps and services)
  • Automating emails so that the purpose of brand building, increasing business and boosting customer loyalty are achieved without much effort
  • Using the Mailchimp analytics tool for better segmentation of the target audience and also building relationships through personalization


We realized some issues and also some integration related scenarios that we got stuck with:

  • Ensuring that the form field is mapped properly to the Mailchimp list because this is a pivotal step and has a huge impact on the whole process. Any issue in this activity can lower the efficiency of the whole integration process . >> Thorough testing to be done to make sure that correct lead data is sent from the form to mapped fields in the integration environment since this can impact the subsequent activities
  • Since Mailchimp works with more than 300 tools, handling interoperability challenges for a seamless integration also presents a major area of concern that has to be given extra care. This includes a framework with exhaustive testing process needs to be created and carried out before the campaign goes live
  • Ensuring best practices were followed and implemented.  >>We ensured the checklist is prepared for any new campaigns created and also shared this best practice with the client 
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  • Well designed template which improves conversion and response rate
  • Automation to respond to customers based on their interest and interaction
  • Shared checklist items for managing email with the client to ensure future email follow best practices. 

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