Power BI Integration With Quickbooks

Power BI report for QuickBooks

QuickBook is a leading software application for accounting and bookkeeping. One of our clients wanted to create Power BI reports for data analysis using data from Quick books application. In this case study we discuss:

  • How we gathered client requirements and understood end-to-end flow of the entire process
  • Set up the report in QuickBooks desktop version
  • Integration between Power BI and QuickBooks  
  • Finally identifying the data that needs to be connected and syncing with Power BI to project reports
Quickbooks - PowerBI integration


We used the below solution components to integrate QuickBooks to Power BI for data analysis, report creation and publishing these reports so that people across the organization can access the reports remotely . 

  • Using QQube as the Middleware to provide data to PowerBI
  • Schedule Data sync between QuickBooks and QQube
  • PowerBI Gateway to refresh the data in report from On-Prem QQube 
  • Date/Time based filtering of the data
  • Tree hierarchy based filters


We encountered some issues as below: 

  • QODBC connection using the QuickBooks company’s file had certain limitations for instance if QuickBooks is closed, then Power BI connection didn’t work and throwing error if there’s any popup window is open in QuickBooks
  • Finding the corresponding tables in QQube in accordance to QuickBooks was a time consuming task 
  • Ensuring this end-to-end integration did not hamper the data quality
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    • Power BI reports
    • Data analysis and report generation feature capabilities 

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