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Hubspot and SAP integration

At an overall level, a new DB instance needs to be created (DB-2) that will take data from DB-1 (based on some pre-defined business rules) and will feed selective data into HubSpot CRM instance.

This new database needs to be created from the client’s existing SAP Central Management System (CMS) instance. The new database needs to comply with the existing pre-defined entity-relationship model. Initial data dump will happen from the CMS to the new database (as shown below).

Also required is syncing batch routines to sync to the said database with SAP post-dump. Finally, this new database needs to be integrated into HubSpot. To list down the objectives:

  • Ability to send initial and delta load in the Hubspot system
  • Send Contacts, Organizations and deals data to Hubspot 


  • Integrate SAP with HubSpot APIS
  • Integrate solution design to match the requirement  
  • Make it configurable to run for multiple clients on Hubspot
  • Integrate it via a scheduler to run as a Batch Job can be done via Logic Apps, Cron Jobs etc.
  • Get the data synced to Hubspot daily for contacts, Companies and Deals 


We encountered some issues as below: 

  • Ensure the data is correct as the  Contact, company and deals may have mandatory fields which needs to be filled in to ensure that it does not fail when creating the record via API Example name is mandatory for Person
  • Ensure the Daily Quota Limit for the API is within the threshold if there are more records to be created it would need to be spaced out. 
  •  Since the calculated field value was dependent on todays date so even if there was no update on the customer but the last order date remained the same we had to run a delta load as a script to update all Contacts records because days since last sale would have been T+1 each day.
  • The integration was placed in VPN so we were not sure if It is going to run unattended or not it initially kept crashing but later we were able to move it to a stable zone within the network so it could run 24*7
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    • Integration code base
    • SAP system integrated with HubSpot
    • Batch scheduled to run daily and real time for some scenarios
    • Initial Data Loading