Zoho Integration Case study

Zoho SQL Server integration

It is imperative for today’s global business processes to be in sync with the latest in technologies. In doing so IT systems are constantly changing and there is a need to migrate as seamlessly as possible— but not at the cost of production outages. In this case study we discuss

  • How we created a custom integration with the ZOHO system to map to an existing SQL server to migrate from one CRM application to another
  • Right questions to ask to the client before start of any integration project
  •  Digging deeper to discover more questions
  • Finally creating the application and using Windows Service to run the application automatically. 


We used the standard Zoho APIs to create the integration when an order was created from SQL server to update Zoho. We did field mapping between 2 systems to create below transactions in ZOHO

  • Create Customer
  • Create Product
  • Link Multiple products to customer
  • Finally Create Sales order


We realized some technical issues and also some integration related scenarios that we got stuck with

  • Zoho library keeps giving request time out errors to connect to the APIs after few API calls.
  • We figured out that if we run JSFiddler then library works perfectly and found there’s an open issue in Zoho library where connection is not closed after API calls.
  • We created a windows service application to keep the integration running and which will check in the database for any new orders and then create the newly created orders in Zoho.
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Application deployed on Windows server in client's environment which runs the integration near real time

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