Discuss about O365 Licenses with Microsoft Authorized Partners

Introduction: O365 Licenses with Microsoft Authorized Partners

In this article, we will talk about O365 Licenses with Microsoft Authorized Partners. You trust reviews, expert evaluations, and certifications to help you make the best decision, whether you are buying a consumer product or considering a possible IT partner for your company. Any given brand name generally has a variety of certifications in the tech industry. However, it might be challenging to distinguish between valuable and less noteworthy certifications in many businesses.


When it comes to choosing an O365 plan for your business, there are various O365 plans like business basic, standard, premium, and Enterprise plans. A Microsoft-authorized partner can help you in making an informed decision.

who is a Microsoft certified Partner?

As per the definition from Microsoft, ‘A Microsoft Certified Partner is a firm that provides Microsoft-related products or services, or support for such. Companies which are Microsoft Certified Partners are part of the Microsoft Partner Network’.

Managed Services Providers, sometimes known as MSP’s, and Cloud Solution Providers, are the two main categories of Microsoft Certified Partners (or CSP’s). An MSP offers IT services like network, application, infrastructure, and security along with regular maintenance and active management of a customer’s business. Through CSP, partners can manage the entire client experience. By employing specialized tools to provide, administer, and support their customers and their cloud goods, Partners are able to control the whole cloud lifecycle of their customers directly.

Microsoft’s certification procedure is stringent and necessitates frequent auditing to ensure partners maintain their high level of expertise. In addition, it provides a simpler method for companies to buy, support, and upgrade their Microsoft licenses. When you consult a Microsoft certified partner, they can help you in the following ways:

  • Choosing the ideal solutions for your company by helping you navigate Microsoft’s complex service and product offerings
  • Optimizing your existing Microsoft subscriptions and licenses
  • Providing maintenance and support for Microsoft’s existing products and services in your company
  • Upskilling your employees by recommending and providing various Microsoft trainings

So, now that we have established who’s a Microsoft Certified Partner, let’s get into the top 5 reasons as to why you should consult a Microsoft Certified Partner for your O365 licensing needs.

1. Improved ROI

Office 365 is an influential, innovative piece of software that includes numerous tools for teamwork and collaboration in addition to the standard Office products, which include Word, PowerPoint, etc. Because of this, developing knowledge and understanding of all of Office 365’s functions requires investment of time and energy. Moreover, when you do it on your own, as we have seen, generally companies tend to focus on the quick wins and low lying fruit which solves the purpose for the time being but sets a bad foundation for your organization in the long run.

Working with a seasoned Office 365 Partner will help you get the most out of your money by cutting down on your training time and allowing you to focus on the platform’s most advantageous features. Working with a partner can also make connecting Office 365 to various outside programs simpler, thereby saving you time, helping you increase your productivity, and raising your return on investment.

2. The Correct Answers at the Right Times

Because O365 is designed for use by companies in highly diverse industries, like schools, business companies, multinational corporations etc, it has a versatile set of features. Every company has varied goals. An authorized Office 365 partner may customize the platform to your requirements by developing a strategy that considers your short and long-term company goals.

Additionally, as your business develops or as your industry evolves, your requirements may change in the future. Working with a Microsoft certified Office 365 helps you understand the right set of products and services that enable you to meet not just your current goals but your long-term goals as well.

3. Managed Upgrades And Migration

To maintain the highest levels of cyber privacy and credibility, server systems like Microsoft Office require frequent updates and upgrades. One benefit of Office 365 is that Microsoft manages these upgrades, so you don’t have to download and patch servers manually. Every plan has different modes of updates. Working with an Office 365 partner guarantees seamless upgrades tailored to your needs, without any potential incompatibility problems.

4. Improved Support

Discussing the right plan can also aid in better support in future. For Office 365, Microsoft offers minimal technical assistance that only covers onboarding and bug fixes. Some companies have the tools and expertise to handle this internally. However, collaborating with a Microsoft-certified partner can help you save considerable time and cost in this regard. A partner can fill in the gaps left by vendor support and improve the technical help offered by Microsoft to counteract any faults and ensure optimal performance. 

5. Enough Skills and Expertise

Choosing the right plan can be daunting, as there are many options and every plan has something different to offer. Certified partners have enough knowledge and expertise to suggest the right solution that will best match your company’s needs. Partners go through rigorous training to gain expertise and maintain their partner credentials. In addition, certified partners can also educate and train (if required) your employees on how to best use the new application to its fullest potential.

Conclusion: O365 Licenses with Microsoft Authorized Partners

Selecting the best Microsoft Office 365 Plan for your business can be challenging because there are so many choices in the industry. However, a Microsoft-certified partner can help you choose the right plan that will best meet your current and future requirements. .

If you are looking for a certified Microsoft partner who can not only help you choose the right plan but can work with you as your Microsoft consultant, contact Peritos Solutions today.

For more: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/admin/manage/find-your-partner-or-reseller?view=o365-worldwide


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