Peritos Selected for AWS Small Business Think Big Initiative

The Think Big for Small Business Program of AWS consulting services supplies unique access to business, technical, and marketing enablement support for small and/or minority-owned public entities. This program allows you access to cloud-based services and gain experience with international agencies, government, and the space industry. The 3 things to like about the now globally available Think Big for Small Business Program: 

Celebrating and promoting diversity- With a focus on partners who are small and diverse businesses the Think Big for Small Business Program helps elevate small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and MOBs as well as helps governments, countries, cities, and agencies.  

Global coverage- Diversity also means geographic diversity. This program was the idea of Linh Le, the AWS Public Sector Partner leader from Singapore, who worked with the team members globally to figure out how to help make this program a great partner experience.  

Supporting small businesses-AWS was built on the concept that the cloud is an empowering technology for all sizes of companies. The Think Big for Small Business Program aids the government’s focus on supporting small businesses.  

With the help of the program, Peritos is hastening the development of a vital section of the diverse AWS consulting services community. The program has equipped us with more time and resources to achieve AWS Partner Network (APN) requirements. We are partners with trained and certified individuals, as well as customer experience.  

Peritos is a rising partner with a dedicated team of trained and certified technical individuals who have proven customer experience. We exhibit the most experienced partners and are recognized as leaders in their respective geographical, vertical, or horizontal markets. We have deep technical expertise with multiple partner program validations and have demonstrated success working with many customers on a scale.  

We are glad that we underwent the process of selection and achieved it successfully. Our constant endeavor is to reach out to small to medium business owners. We provide IT solutions that show results beyond customers’ expectations. Now as we are working with AWS Small Business Think Big Initiative, we are enabled to utilize the key resources of the program as a small business partner guide, online learning resources for AWS partners, program onboarding guide, etc. 

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