Read on Microsoft Site our Customer Success Story to Streamline Data Processing Using Azure Data Factory For Cumulus Pro

CumulusPro, a Swiss company, is helping businesses to replace traditional paper-based corporate operations with modern digital workflows. CumulusPro solutions are industry agnostic and are built-in days, not weeks. The solutions enable companies to improve customer experience and drive operational efficiencies. CumulusPro aids enterprises in rapidly converting into digital enterprises by connecting people, processes, and applications. 

The cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM) Platform is designed to upheaval how organizations and public institutions digitally communicate and collaborate with their customers, citizens, and partners. Digital enterprises improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction, business efficiency, and productivity while reducing cost and time to market. 

Peritos Solutions showed CumulusPro how to address its data challenges by using Microsoft Azure DataFactory Consulting Services, Azure data management, and storage services. We also helped to resolve the customers’ challenges. Peritos proposed using Microsoft Azure Data Factory to pull Cumulus Pro’s data from its diverse sources on a set schedule. Peritos plans to support the company in this journey, guiding them to deliver faster and more robust digital solutions to their end clients.  

Read more about the customer success story published on the Microsoft portal where we have helped boost customers’ benefit. Peritos Solutions has been working as a part of the CumulusPro development team. We have been working with them to complete several more projects. 

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