Microsoft Customer Success Story Business Central Implementation
for Ultimation Industries

Here is one more Microsoft Customer Success Story for Business Central implementation for Ultimation Industries, aided by Peritos. In case you need conveyor systems, then Ultimation Industries are the Market leaders in US for the same. Ultimation has been a leading conveyor systems processor for over 30 years. The industrial conveyor systems take the pain out of lifting, moving, and storage. They help employees avoid injuries and increase productivity. Ultimation Industries had been using Sage for its customer relationship management (CRM) system.


In the past, the business grew rapidly for Ultimation, although the company found its existing system increasingly difficult to use. The on-premises SAGE CRM didn’t allow any customization or automation, and Ultimation was taking hundreds of hours each month to process thousands of financial tasks. Here Peritos mapped the requirement to the competence of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and showed that it requires no upgrades while staying fully customizable and capable of transaction automation.


Ultimation’s legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system lacked modern cloud features, so it was forced to spend noteworthy efforts on manual efforts, including upgrades. Dynamics 365 Business Central was a natural choice for digitally transforming Ultimation’s on-premises environment to take advantage of Microsoft cloud capabilities, and Peritos carefully depicted each of the equipment maker’s requirements.

Microsoft Business Central Customer Success Story Ultimation

Moreover, the customer was delighted to discover that it could tightly integrate Business Central with Microsoft 365 tools such as Outlook and Excel. Peritos also showed the value of adopting Business Central to stimulate the client’s growth. Peritos showed Ultimation how to address its challenges by using Dynamics 365 Business Central. Now they incorporate drop shipments, bank account reconciliation, and bulk payment-matching in Business Central and no longer relies on its Sage CRM system for those tasks, saving considerable time.


Read the customer success story on Microsoft Site link mentioned below. Also get an overview of how Peritos has successfully guided and supported many ERP implementations. Ultimation sought Peritos Help and as a Microsoft Gold partner we are excited to help them with this journey. We have been working as a reliable partner with Ultimation Industries. Over the period, we have helped to complete several projects and are looking forward to many more. If you have a similar requirement get in touch.

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