Nominated Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in B2B InfoMedia

B2B Infomedia stands for the ingenious platform to the clients and is widely recognized as one of the pioneer networking platforms with a team of young, creative, dynamic & dedicated experts. As an organization, which aims to bend the typical trend of B2B summits, B2B Infomedia has pushed all areas into a new frontier. B2B Infomedia researches the topics pertinent with the time and does all workout and engrave out bringing valuable stakeholders of the respective topics under one roof in the form of conferences and seminars. The events are quite qualitative and crisp in terms of participants. Hereafter, we are proud to share that our founder Ms. Vinita Kasliwal has been nominated as the Women Entrepreneur of the Year in B2B Infomedia.  


B2B also brings together industries to share their viewpoints as well as customer experience with the rightful audience. Conferences and exhibitions are purely B2B in nature which helps both buyers and sellers to find proper solutions for one’s prerequisites. This in a way helps both parties reduce time anomalies and work fast. Our founder Ms. Kasliwal too has always been willing to exchange knowledge with peer groups, know the latest trends in startups, and get a chance to learn from successful startups, which has resulted to be proud as the nominated candidate for B2B InfoMedia. 


Before running any sort of campaign, it is pertinent to have a database. Since relevant people are key to the success of any event, B2B does its data digging and finds domain experts, and stakeholders relevant to the given agenda. In this everlasting process, B2B has built a huge repository of relevant topics-wise people and Peritos Solutions is now one of them. Through various social media platforms, and electronic mailers B2B reaches out to the concerned person and sensitizes the market with the right buzz and as a result of these demanding processes, Peritos Solutions got nominated for its ability in all the areas concerned.  

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