Peritos upgraded to AWS Select Tier Services Partners

AWS equips tiers (Select, Advanced & Premier) to name organizations that have proven specialized technical ability and shown customer experience. AWS Select Tier Services Partners are the partners with proficient and certified individuals with customer experience. The AWS Select Tier Services offers the benefits of the AWS Distribution Program for Resellers, ISV Workload Migration Program, AWS Public Sector Partner Program, AWS Service Delivery Program, and AWS Solution Provider Program.  


Millions of consumers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading governance agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. However, at the same time, certain requirements need to be fulfilled to qualify for being upgraded to the AWS Select Tier Services. Peritos Solutions proudly claims that our persistent efforts and challenging work catalyzed the process of being upgraded to Select Tier services. We fulfilled all the requirements demanded for this upgradation such as APN Fee, Knowledge requirements, Experience requirements & Customer Success requirements. More benefits and resources can be unlocked as you progress through the tires and grow with AWS. You can acquire credibility by leveraging the AWS brand, known for innovation, client centricity, and the pace of innovation. Deliver more innovation with the continuously unwinding portfolio of ground-breaking AWS technologies and services. 

The AWS competency program is designed to highlight AWS partner network (APN) partners with proven technical ability and established customer success in specialized areas across the industry, application, and workloads. In addition, Peritos rejoices in the move up to be an association partner with AWS at Select Tier. 

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