What you need to know for effective change Management process in ERP systems?

If you are working on any ERP management and consulting projects you know it is of great importance you understand client’s business processes and improve time to implement changes in the system. To ensure you have enough information and knowledge to start a new process or request for change below are some parameters you need to keep in mind Although this content is geared more towards SAP as a tool but equally applicable to doing change management using any other ERP implementation tool. alt="business management"Create a process flow map identifying the main processes, prioritising the processes and creating branches for sub processes
  • Assign a SME or business owner or multiple super users who are closely working on the process and can validate the process Develop a process framework so all your processes look the same
  • Create a specific standard for each of the processes to ensure Process document meets the perquisite standard
  • Check the content meets the content guidelines, branding and image quality guidelines
  1. Validate the business processes
  • Document the processes and get it validated by SME and business owners
  • Business owners can be end users or super users who are actually using the system to execute the business processes
  1. Add details related to technical objects
  • Ensure the document captured technical object details
  • Any security guidelines to ensure the document is either read only or
  • SAP standard objectrefences being used to copy or edit
  • Transport which carries the change
  • Change reference number from your ticketing tool to ensure the change or business process has been requested by business
  1. Add functional Changes and test results
  • Functional configuration is included with screenshots
  • Ensure the Manual processes if any are captured
  • Highlighting any related process which is impacted by the change
  • Ensure the test cases to ensure all positive and negative test cases are covered and ensure different set of testing are done before the change is approved like:
    • Unit testing
    • Functional testing
    • Regression testing
    • End user testing
    • Business testing
  1. Publish the change and share knowledge of the change being sent
    • Ensure you get the document sent to the right users and anyone who is impacted can find the information
    • Publish content on your content repository
    • If the content needs to be shared with a wider audience include as a part of newsletter
  2. Ongoing use of the content
    • Reason for creating a document is to ensure it gets used in future
    • Manage the use of the document if any future change comes up or if someone needs knowledge on the process
    • Keep a record of change history version
    • Update all documents as per a set schedule or as needed ensuring they stay up to date and current
You can use Solman to ensure these checks are automatically implemented in the system. Solman 7.2 helps to create repositories like
  • Executable library to add any development objects specific to a step or process
  • Creating process library which consists of steps in a process like creating purchase order, approving purchase order
  • Configuration Library which relates the change to a config in the system
  • Interface library example IDOC or Proxy service being called
  • alt="business process management"
Using Solman you can easily create automatic test cases and ensure all your process maps are centrally stored. It is a powerful tool which helps you in change management and to ensure changes are sent to the production with little to no impact. Read about the Solution Manager in detail at the SAP Wiki page https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/SM/SAP+Solution+Manager+WIKI+-+General+Topics https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/SM/Getting+Started+WIKI+for+SAP+Solution+Manager https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/SMSETUP/Home https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/SM/SAP+Solution+Manager+WIKI+-+Process+Management If you still need more information on doing change management or if you are looking for help to implement change management process using Solman please write back. To Know more about how to implement Solman or how to optimize your change management process please drop us a message here

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