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Auth0 is a flexible and scalable solution to add authentication and authorization services to your applications (Native Client Apps, Single-Page web Apps, and Regular Web Apps).

Any application (written in any language or on any stack) can be connected to Auth0 and the identity providers (how you want your users to log in) can be defined.

We can assist you in using Auth0 to build your own solution to authenticate and authorize users. This can result in huge savings in terms of cost and time for your organization.

Our detailed service offerings in terms of Auth0 deployment are mentioned below. 

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Service Offerings

  • Consultation on use of Auth0 and how it fits into the system to solve your problem 
  • Realization of the potential savings(in terms of cost and time) you can have upfront post implementation 
  • Utilization of the free licensing period effectively by trying and testing for your use case
  • Assistance in best plan selection as per your requirements
  • Using Single or multi-tenant services 
  • User sign-up process, social login, custom email  
  • Importing users in bulk 
  • Selecting SDK or API on basis of application technology 
  • Development of different authentication forms  
  • Creation of Auth0 dashboards for reporting and analytics purposes
  • Get up to 8% discount on the retail price of Auth0 membership and get additional month wise credits allowances based on your usage  
Identity and access management across various platforms like:
  • Native Mobile App  
  • Cross platform Mobile App 
  • Regular Websites   
  • Single Page Web App 

Use various modes of authentication like Custom Authentication, Social login, Enterprise Authentication providers

Detailed Service Offerings
  • Auth0 is a universal identification platform as a service and its deployment can reduce development effort significantly
  • Support of Single Factor, Two Factor, and Multi Factor authentication 
  • Login/Signup using various social logins 
  • Connection to identities using standards like SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, OAuth 1.0 and WS-Federation 
  • Managing reset password scenario for custom login situation 
  • Using Auth0 implementation to deploy in different stacks like Mobile Swift code, Android SDK, JAVA, .NET , React Native among many others
  • Customize login/signup/password reset flow in Auth0
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