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    Executive Summary

    9 January 2020

    About Client

    Pioneer International School

    About the Client

    Pioneer Group was established in 1996 and it is managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals in the education industry. The school is located at Sonkatch which is a town that can be found on Indore-Bhopal Highway. The school was established there because a lot of students could not leave their hometown for studies and thus, the group thought of taking the education near to their hometown.   

    • Pioneer International school is affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi
    • The school focuses on encouraging creativity and skills apart from academics
    • It is opened at the door step of Sonkatch  located at Indore – Bhopal highway at a distance of 2 Kms from Sonkatch town, This has opened the pathway to many students and teachers which live nearby in the rural areas giving them an opportunity to learn and grow in a secure environment, 

    Location: Sonkatch, Indore-Bhopal Highway

    Project Background- School Attendance Tracking App

    This was our 4th and last implementation of the Pioneer Group. We decided to roll this out much faster to help complete the project in time before the exam period which was to start by early September 

    Scope & Requirement

    In the 1st Phase of the attendance management system, implementation was discussed as follows:
    Teacher Mode:
    • Design an app where a teacher can view the list of children assigned to them.
    • Children will be attending multiple lectures each day.
    • The teacher needs to check-in and check-out the students on each of the lectures.
    • Ability to export attendance for each class or student
    Student Mode: 
    • Student should be able to see the attendance
    • Check the Goal vs Achieved attendance criteria
    Backend will be done via mass upload on the Go live date by the admin to upload the schedule and timings of all the students, teachers and subject schedule timings.



    Technology and Architecture


    The web app was deployed with the below technological component
    • Backend Code: .NET Core, C#, Node.js
    • Mobile App code: React Native
    • Web App code: ReactJS 
    • Database: SQL Server, MongoDB
    Cloud: Microsoft Azure

    • Migration from an on-premise database to Online Student, Teacher, Subject database

    • Single Sign-on using Auth0

    • Sendgrid


    • Data Encryption
    • Multi-Factor Authentication for Admin, Teacher, and students when logging in
    • All API endpoints are tokenized

    Backup and Recovery

    Cloud systems and components used in the attendance management system are secure and 99.99% SLA. We have added HA/DR mechanism to create a replica of the services 


    Application is designed to scale up to 10X times the average load received in the 1st 6 months of its usage and all cloud resources are configured for auto-scaling based on the load

    Cost Optimization 

    Alerts and notifications are configured in the attendance management system to notify if the budget is being exceeded.  Peritos being a cloud partner is managing the environment for the client keeping a close watch on the cost and finding ways to optimize the same 

    Code Management, Deployment

    Code for the app is handed over to the client through Microsoft AppCenter. 

    CI/CD is implemented to automatically add, build and deploy any code changes 


    • Students are able to see the list of subjects and timetable with great ease.
    • Teachers are able to see the list of subjects , classes and student’s attendance. They can even mark the daily attendance in the app.
    • Students are able to view the attendance % and the min attendance needed vs achieved.
    • On the go attendance marking and calculations updated.
    • Incorporate Holiday, class cancelled in the Min attendance calculations.
    • Quick setup with Dashboard view.


    • Since this was the final implementation it was a clear instruction  from the management team to roll this out as quickly as possible and before the students had their examination in mind
      • We did a quick understanding from the students , teachers did adjustments as needed and this was our fastest roll out where in 1 month it was out for UAT testing 

    Project Completion


    July 2021 to Aug 2021 ~ 2  months 


    • UX Design was delivered after which the scope was confirmed 
    • Mobile app which was downloaded from the intranet for the authorized users
    • Document set: 
      • How to document Guide and FAQ on some common issues that might be faced in using the app by the Students/ Teachers and Admin 
      • Project handover
      • Architecture document 
    • Knowledge transfer with Train the Trainer sessions for super users who further trained the staff members 


    As part of the project implementation we provided 1 month of extended support. This includes any major / Minor bug fixes. 


    Read the feedback we got from the stakeholders as below:


     “Excellent service and easy implementation. Quick process to start using the app and has created value for our business in saving us a lot of time and effort in doing a manual reconciliation of each students attendance”  

    Akash Jain Principal

    Feedback image

    The mobile app designed by Peritos has made our life much easier. Digitization of attendance using this app has led to saving of time and resources, given visibility to our students and teachers, and eliminated the possibility of errors. We are very thankful to Peritos for helping us with digitization across our multiple group companies and they are all using the same app now. ​

    Prashant Jain

    Next Phase

    We are now looking at the next phase of the project which involves:

    1. Ongoing Support and adding new features every Quarter with minor bug fixes

    2. Web based module to have admin be able to mass Upload teacher, students 

    App screenshot_2 Pioneer International School
    App screenshot_2 Pioneer International School