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Learn how to export and import files from BOBJ server

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In this blog, we will be cover export and import files from BOBJ server and how it can be used to meet the reporting requirement. This blog covers below topic areas:

  1. Overview to help understand what BOBJ does.
  2. Steps to export a file
  3. Steps to import a file


Before we start, on a very high-level SAP BOBJ is a comparable product to what Power BI/SSRS does in the Microsoft world. It has some basic feature and functionalities like:

  • Create daily reporting and dashboarding needs
  • Schedule as a job and send email to stakeholders
  • Manage user security to a very minute and detailed level to give only as much access as needed
    • Ensuring users can only changes specific report attributes and allow them to save reports only locally and not override the public reports
    • You can make it view only, display only, edit locally or not edit at all
  • It Reads from almost all data sources like OLAP Databases, Excel spreadsheets and text files

BOBJ has some specific advance level functionality like:

  • Connecting to HANA DB
  • Fiori like look and feel in the latest Version 4.2 and above
  • Run it as a webservice

“The SAP Business Intelligence platform RESTful web service SDK lets you access the BI platform using the HTTP protocol. You can use this SDK to log on to the BI platform, navigate the BI platform repository, access resources, and perform basic resource scheduling. Both XML and JSON request and response formats are supported.”


BOBJ has 2 major components

  • Admin which is called the CMC
  • UI or WEBUI in which you can the run reports. You can also enable the Mobile Application to see reports and dashboards for the user on mobile.

In order to export and import files from BOBJ server there could be a requirement to do that during:

  • New installation of BOBJ
  • To move data from Dev to Prod or vice versa
  • During upgrade projects.

Steps to export from BOBJ server

Follow below steps to start on exporting the reports from your existing version of BOBJ

1. Login to CMC.

2. Select Promotion Management from the Manage column.

3. Promotion Management window will get open, you will be able to see the jobs created for Objects Transport. Click on New Job

4. Provide the Job details like Job Name, Description and Destination for LCMBIAR.


5. For the source field it would ask you to login again so use your credentials to login to the system again.

6. In the next screen navigate to the specific content to be exported, in this example Finance monthly report and click on Select all checkbox and click on Add & Close.

7. Select on the job and click on Promote:

8. In the next screen as below click on Export

9. When clicked on Export it shows the file location to be saved with extension as LCMBIAR.


10. Select the File system and SAVE it. This is complete the export process for exporting the reports from SAP BOBJ.

Steps to import in BOBJ Server

Log on to the SAP BusinessObjects Central Management Console.

1. In the Manage section, click Promotion Management.

2. In the Promotion Jobs home page, click Import > Import file. The Import from file window appears.

3. Import an LCMBIAR file from your local computer, as follows:

  • Select File System.
  • Click Choose Fileand select an LCMBIAR file from the file system.

4. In the Password field, enter the password of the LCMBIAR file.
**The Password field appears only if the LCMBIAR file is encrypted with a password.

*Note password was not applicable in the current system installation

5. Click Create. The job is created.

6. In below screen Click Promote. The Promote – Job Name window appears. From the Destination drop-down list, select the destination system. Confirm the logon credentials of the destination system. Click Promote to promote the contents to the destination system.

7. Click on Promote in below screen and the import is completed now.

Remember you can Import not just files from here but also Users, Groups and Other parts included in the universe. This completes the import and export process and in order to know more how we planned the BOBJ project read our Case study by visiting the link as below


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