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SAP Custom Search help creation & understand Elementary and collective search help

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  1. Add custom search help by modifying the standard search help
  2. Fix the issue for user being able to select multiple options but after selecting it does not populate the window

Find technical information to add SAP custom search help

Find the technical information for the specific search help by clicking F1 and find the table name as V_PRSMP

SAP Search help Technical information

Using where used find the specific search help that uses the table

Find using Where-used in search help

Below is the search help which uses that view.

Where-Used search help results

Check PRSMP search help and find that it is an elementary search help. So, check if there is any other search help linked to it. Found the search help PRSM from the where used

Open Search help in SE11

Where-used Search help result

The search help PRSM is a collective search help

Collective Search help

You can find the corresponding user exit in which the breakpoint can be set to understand how it works or check on the individual search help in the ‘Included search helps’ option.

Add SAP custom search help to Collective search help.

Created a custom search help as below with the selection method as a view which fetches the result

Add Custom Search Help
Add Custom Search Help

This view has a join with table PROJ

Join tables for view selection
Join tables for view selection

There can be other kinds of search help you could create. Combination of selection method and Search help exit as below

Update Selection Method as a view
Update Selection Method as a view

For this requirement an elementary search help as my custom code and added it in the collective search help “Included search help” Section as below

Collective search help

Collective search help

After debugging there seems to be some parameter missing which caused the issue of not being able to populate the value from the search help. Read more on the section below

Reported issue:

Multi selection search help did not return any values.

CJI3 Search help
CJI3 Search help

Using Multiple selection

Use Multi Selection
Use Multi Selection

Custom search help was created as seen below

Find values by searching
Find values by searching

When the user-selected options for multi select

There was no value returned

Search help does not populate value
Search help does not populate value

Fix search help not returning result issue:

To start debugging popup since you cannot type /h to debug just drop the file on the GUI for the specific screen which has pop up and you would open up the debug screen





Found in debugging a parameter missing which caused the issue. There was a missing assignment of the elementary search help to the collective search help. Assign button was clicked and then copy this helped to fix the issue and the selection of the search help was returned back on the display screen.

Choose assignment
Choose assignment


To summarize:

  • This is how you could identify technical components related to SAP search help and to add custom search help to SAP standard.
  • Understand  Elementary and Collective search help.
  • Some tips on how you could debug pop-ups in SAP.
  • Troubleshooting an issue we faced.

Hope you find this useful

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