SAP Display Material Serial Number App Shows Dump

Introduction-S/4 Hana Display Material Serial Number

The S/4 Hana Display material Serial Number contains information for serial number management. The serial number is given to an item of material in addition to the material number, in order to differentiate that individual item from all other pieces of this material. The combination of material and serial number is unique.

S/4 Hana Display material Serial Number has a bug where if the production has a lot of entries i.e if there are multiple number of Material with huge quantity the app shows a dump when trying to see the entire list.The article below refers where the steps to replicate the issue and a workaround is mentioned

  1. Replicate in Production
  2. Works fine in Development
  3. Workaround to create a custom CDS view.

Steps To Replicate The Dump In Production

While using SAP Display Material Serial Number, it shows a dump in production. If the system has a lot of material and huge quantities of each material the issue is likely to occur as the system cannot process huge number of records to show as a list. Open the Display Material Serial Number Fiori app and click on Existing SerialNo List app as seen below

Table indicating a dump in production for S/4 Hana Display Material Serial Number

Below is what happens when clicked on the Existing Serial Number list button.

Table for Existing Serial Number list button for S/4 Hana Display Material Serial Number

Works Fine In Development

Following the same steps in Development works fine as seen below it shows the list of all material, Serial numbers in the system. This is due to a Production issue related to the table having too many rows

S/4 Hana Display Material Serial Number working fine in Dev


This note talks about the same issue 3169273 – App “Display Material Serial Number” dumps when using the button ‘Existing SerialNos List’.

When too many records get in access issue occurs and causes a memory shortage

Resolution as stated on the note says  “In the App Display Material Serial Number ( App ID IQ03 ) input a Material Number before using button ‘Existing SerialNos List’ or use the other app Display Material Serial Number app ( App ID IQ09 ) which has many more filters that could be used to reduce the size of data set.

The Display Material Serial Number app ( App ID IQ09 ) does not have a parameter / field to specify the limit of records returned.”

However this does not work as the whole purpose is to see the entire  list and not just specific to a material.

So  in order to meet the client requirement to show an entire list of all serial number and materials in the system I created a CDS view using the  CDS View I_MfgOrderItemSerialNumber. This was then consumed in an analytical report and was able to get the entire list. Here is the link to the Released CDS view from SAP.

Note that this still has a limitation that the Status field is not included in this or any other CDS view in the system hence the list we published had all of the other fields shown in standard except status.

Conclusion-S/4 Hana Display Material Serial Number

Using the Display material serial number app it works fine when Existing SerialNos List button is being used in Development but shows a dump when used in production as too many records are being accessed and cause a memory shortage issue. The article explains a workaround if the list needs a check in the production on the standard CDS view which we can check

Create a custom analytical query which uses the CDS View or you could combine this standard View and other CDS view to create a custom CDS view and a similar view as seen in development can be created. Then CDS view creates analytical query

If you need help Refer this blog on How to create a custom analytical query

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