SAP Display Material Serial Number app Dump issues & Custom CDS View

SAP Display Material serial Number Fiori App

In S/4 Hana Display material Serial Number app is useful when you want to track each item individually. The serial number is given to an item of material in addition to the material number, in order to differentiate that individual item from all other pieces of this material. The combination of material and serial number is unique. If you have a huge list of inventory items then it may be you have a lot of serial numbers in the system and this app causes a dump in production. This blogs talks about the issue and a possible workaround to fix that issue

The steps include as below.

1.  Finding all serial number using Existing SerialNos List option

2.  Creating a similar report using custom CDS View.

Replicating the issue

While using SAP Display Material Serial Number, it shows a dump in production. However, it works fine in the dev environment. To replicate click on the button Existing SerialNos List as shown below.

Table indicating a dump in production for S/4 Hana Display Material Serial Number

Below is what happens when clicked on the Existing Serial Number list button in prodution

Table for Existing Serial Number list button for S/4 Hana Display Material Serial Number

However, as seen below this works fine in Dev as the number of data is limited in Dev, 

S/4 Hana Display Material Serial Number working fine in Dev

Issue happens due to a Production issue related to the table having too many records which this app is unable to handle. 

Workaround to create custom CDS view

So as a workaround you could create your CDS view using the  CDS View I_MfgOrderItemSerialNumber. Here is the link to the CDS view and showing its attribute which can be used to create a similar report as you see above

However the only limitation of the report created is that the status field which could be an important fields for the customer is missing in this view and they would not be able to filter or view that from this custom report we create using this CDS view and There was no similar other CDS view which was in released status that could be used. 

If you are looking for steps on how to create custom CDS view check here

Refer This note it talks about the same issue 3169273 – App “Display Material Serial Number” dumps when using the button ‘Existing SerialNos List’.

Conclusion-S/4 Hana Display Material Serial Number

This article talks about the dump issue in production due to the serial number list not being opened up and how you could replicate the issue in production but not dev since the data is limited in dev. Also as a workaround the to get a similar report create a Custom Report using the CDS view as mentioned in the above section

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