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  • We provide a whole gamut of AWS service offerings. This includes cloud Migrations, hosting for DB and application, cloud based web and mobile application Development and Deployment, Reporting and integration services. We have experience in Cloud migration and Support 
  • Our AWS managed services provide full support, involving sign off from our AWS partner for the Architecture we prepare and enhanced security and performance monitoring. As part of our support we help keep a close watch on the  AWS cost and resource optimization to ensure the price stays within budget. AWS offers advanced security and compliance services and we can implement those specific to the client’s needs. 

  • We provide support with cloud development using On-premise hosted on Virtual machines and implementing cloud strategy for enterprises 
  • We have certified AWS consultants including an Architect who can provide customized advice (based on your environment) for Software Migrations and Application Deployments. With strong implementation and support experience, Peritos can provide end-to-end implementation and support services for your business.

  • We have clients across the globe to whom we provide remote as well as onsite consulting.

  • Read about our Service offerings and we can also provide on-demand professional services as below. Free 2 hr consultation to make the most of your investment. No obligation Quote

  • We also offer Free credits and Trial Periods.

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AWS registered Partner

We are AWS registered partner and offer our services in conjunction with Best practices from AWS and have got expertise in Cloud-based Technologies.

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App using Serverless Components

In this blog we have explained about how we used some of these services to set up a fully managed, scalable video processing application on AWS and how we did scaling on AWS ECS Fargate for application and events with SQS & Lambda.

Case Study Machineroad

We developed a Mobile app for Android and iOS to help improve user's Cricket bowling skills. It measured the users ball speed, showing ball trajectory line and recording the video.

alt="IoT ecosystem"

Case Study for AWS IoT Application

In this case study learn more about how we created the IoT Application for Pharmaceutical refrigerators and helped them to automate and manage their business processes.


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