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Our Auth0 services comprise cutting-edge and customized Auth0 Implementation and Support service that helps clients get the most out of their Auth0 investments. We assist clients in deploying, implementing, and maintaining solutions. We are Auth0 Partner

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Access Management

Define access roles for the end-users of your applications and APIs, and extend your authorization capabilities to implement dynamic access control. You can create a secure platform for apps by assigning permissions to users based on their roles.

  • Leverage APIs with authorization capabilities for first-party, third-party, and non-interactive client applications
  • Assign permissions to users based on their roles within an organization
  • APIs are protected with open standards through the use of the OAuth2 for secure communication
  • Leverage bullet-proof secure platform


From MFA to Bot Detection, security and great customer experiences no longer need to be mutually exclusive. Defend your application from bot attacks, and detect anomalies based on suspicious IPs, breached credentials, and user context.

  • Threat intelligence to help tackle automated attacks, such as credential stuffing
  • Defend against velocity attacks in which multiple attempts have been made to access accounts
  • Detect pre-auth if login credentials are part of a published security breach
  • Reduce user friction by presenting an MFA challenge only when the user interaction is considered suspicious
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User Management

Create a delightful experience for you and your customers across the entire user journey. From sign-up to purchase, Peritos Solutions will help you assist your customers in every aspect. We will help you deliver a flawless customer experience cost-efficiently.

  • Leverage multiple options to migrate users all at once, or gradually as they log-in
  • Get deeper insights into your customers’ needs in a simple and easy-to-use management interface
  • Deliver frictionless registration and login experiences
  • Use core and custom user attributes to adapt the user experience or integrate them into your app


Offer a more personalized authentication experience for all the users. We offer interoperable and multi-device authentication solutions that can make the entire customer journey even more seamless and user-friendly.

  • Authenticate users across all of your applications & brands with a barrier-free, customizable login experience
  • Reduce risk and increase productivity with an SSO solution
  • Authenticate securely and efficiently via email, SMS, or magic link
  • Enable users to interact with you via multiple identities
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Cloud Deployment

Peritos Solutions can help you take control of your cloud deployments with guaranteed SLAs, data isolation, performance, dev environments, and system update options. Achieve global-scale with both public and private cloud deployment options.

  • Leverage Auth0 IAM platform as a service with a guaranteed 99.99% SLA, available across the US, EU, Japan, and Australia
  • Take complete control over performance, data residency, dev environments, and controlled system updates
  • Update frequency beginning with the pre-production environments in coordination with Auth0
  • Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime and Capacity to up to 1500 RPS

Free Credits, Licensing

Cloud research credits may help you progress your research by providing access to the processing power necessary to create the next great thing. And therefore, we provide you with free 300 credits to help you start with effortlessly.

  • Get the maximum ROI on Auth0 investment
  • Create a bullet-proof secure platform
  • Reduce risk and increase productivity
  • Tackel automated tasks quickly
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Training, Documentation & Handover

Peritos Solutions make sure that businesses are able to leverage the full potential of their cloud ecosystem with end-to-end management. We offer exhaustive training, documentation, and handover of cloud services.

  • Training to build general cloud awareness or meet specific requirements
  • Efficient management of cloud system through our detailed user guides
  • Our project handover includes Admin and System guides for all the details
  • End-to-end training until you are confident to manage the cloud services on your own


Peritos Solutions offers robust and round-the-clock support to ensure a reliable customer experience in every condition. From the start to deployment, we are always there to help you with queries and glitches.

  • Learn the basics of Auth0
  • Integrating Auth0 with your identity providers
  • Adding and customizing features of Auth0
  • Integrating and securing Auth0 APIs
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Do Not Find What You Are Looking For?

It is true that one size can’t fit all and you may not find what you are looking for here. However, to meet the specific and bespoke business requirements of our clients, and to help them achieve set goals, we offer custom cloud solutions.

  • POC and agile-based approach for faster time-to-market
  • Take a deeper look at your technology and develop a strategy that is right for your business
  • Help your current IT staff and help them handle your technology needs and support
  • Robust end-to-end cloud solutions to help your business become agile and data-driven

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