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Business Process Consulting

  • We are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified organization. Based on our experience of working on multiple projects with global clients and industry experts, we are confident in our domain and process knowledge of Process optimization, Product Management, Business process optimization and helping our clients to define thier processes and track thier business at the grass root level. 

  •  Doing fit gap analysis to understand complex business requirements, understanding the client’s need and helping them get rid of the pain points by providing consistent, reliable and fit for purpose solutions
  • Talk to us on how we could help you achieve industry standards which can help you to:
    • Win the trust of customers and employees
    • Improve the quality of your output
    • Overcome daily challenges more easily and improve your velocity to deliver
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We created series of integration for our client to help them connect different systems. We were able to get a process mapped which used Google Analytics to help them make better data driven decisions.

  • Business Mapping Documentation services
  • Understanding your business
  • Understanding Pain points
  • Mapping to standard best practices
  • Helping to create documentation and process maps
  • Understanding details on the standard you want to comply with ISO, CMMI, Lean Six Sigma etc.
  • Prepare an initial assessment report
  • Creating Quality Manual and helping you define quality objectives 
  • Creating Quality procedures which help you define business processes and manage needs and expectations of interested parties 
  • Formatting, Editing and proof reading of each content
  • Adding optimized images and creating templates for continuous improvement 
  • Documents catering to needs and expectations of different parties involved. 
  • Conducting Internal Audit and helping you close the Audit points
  •  Helping you to define ways to monitor, Analyse, evaluate to ensure valid results
  • Helping to evaluate performance and effectiveness of the quality Management system
  • Audit the respective functions / department processes and record their observations/non conformities. In case of any specific observations/ non conformances are identified, which require an action from auditee,  report
  • Assist in ensuring proposed corrective and preventive actions are closed within a reasonable time without any inadvertent delays. Ensure that the corrective and preventive actions proposed during the audit are implemented effectively
    • Creating Internal Policies like Hiring, Termination. NDA, Client confidentiality Agreement
    • Privacy Policy
    • Updates to your existing policies
    • HR related Policies like Incentive, Sales Process
    • Client referral policy

    In order to Manage your business effectively we recommend having a policy document to resolve any conflicts and keeping the processes clean. 


  • Implementing HP Product Life Cycle processes, DFX Techniques and Philip’s Crosby Quality Improvement Process.Google Adwords certified Consultants
  • Adhering to ISO 9001 : 2015 
  • Lean Six Sigma Processes
  • Agile Management processes using DevOps 
  •  Streamlining your processes like: Financial Reporting, Incentive Management, HR policies, Managing Remote workers. 

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