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We are market leaders when it comes to custom application development, be it Mobile or Web App. We have helped clients in designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users at an organization level as well as for the end-users.

  • Searching partners for creating, maintaining, and supporting apps tailored to your business’s specific requirements?
  • Want to develop flexible apps that are secure and compatible with older systems using cutting-edge technologies?
  • Need to ensure custom-developed solution’s scalability and data integrity?
  • Require superior performance in support of your business objectives?

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Application Development Expertise

We provide a unique combination of technical and functional skills and an extensive library of in-house knowledge articles. We can assist you in custom application development and transforming your application, processes, and operations to help manage your business effectively.

We have published apps in multiple stores.

  • App store
  • Play Store
  • SAAS based service as a web app
  • Different Marketplace

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development services include the whole process of creating mobile applications, from business analysis, development, testing to online market publication. We have successfully developed many mobile applications over the last decade.

  • Mobile front for your store
  • Mobile front for a SAAS based service
  • Get a fully functional design framework
  • POC to establish user experience and manage costs
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e-commerce mobile app development

Ecommerce Stores

We can assist you with accelerating your eCommerce development regardless of whether you are a startup, a growing company, or an established brand. We have extensive knowledge of all major development platforms, and can emerge as a partner you can trust.

  • eCommerce storefront
  • Fully integrated with backend using APIs or 3rd party plugins
  • Optimize your store for sales
  • We have implemented shop stores using WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify

Full Stack Development

We have a talented pool of highly trained individuals familiar with the whole spectrum of skill sets required for a Full Stack solution. Our Full Stack developers will ensure a lucrative and successful outcome since they are specialists in all areas, from frontend to backend.

  • Web and Mobile based development
  • Responsive application, Single-page Application
  • Backend technologies used C#, Python, .NET core
  • Front-end development using Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, and React Native

Website Development

We can assist you in defining your brand and increasing the demand for your products/services through a customer-centric and data-driven strategy. We are experts in creating engaging websites and ensure that all digital marketing elements provide exceptional results.

  • We have worked with clients to brainstorm and help them manage their businesses
  • Select from free design templates or get a fully customized design as per your business need
  • Assistance for eCommerce website, Static Page, News Hub, Service Industry
  • SEO friendly, easy to maintain, and site optimized for Mobile

Architecture Consultation And Support

We have certified consultants who can give you first-hand advice on your software investments, do enterprise architecture work, help in system design, development, and evaluation. We can help you grow your business at full pace. 
  • We can deliver products and provide end-to-end support as per your business requirement
  • We develop custom applications, work on integration using APIs, and integration with standard applications
  • Work using customized bespoke solutions for your needs
  • Well-Architected, scalable, and resilient applications
Data Analytics POC

POC, Free Credits, Licensing

Free credits to host your application and ongoing support to manage your app, enhancements and bug fix support services. Provide code management and deployment services for continuous deployment and continuous integration.

  • Application modernization services using cloud hosting and microservice architecture
  • Discounted licensing as we get benefits from our partner network 
  • FREE consultation and no-obligation quote
  • 24*7 support contracts

Training, Documentation & Handover

Peritos Solutions make sure that businesses are able to leverage the full potential of their cloud ecosystem with end-to-end management. We offer exhaustive training, documentation, and handover of cloud services.

  • Training to build general cloud awareness or meet specific requirements
  • Efficient management of cloud system through our detailed user guides
  • Our project handover includes Admin and System guides for all the details
  • End-to-end training until you are confident to manage the cloud services on your own
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Peritos offers reliable support and manages infrastructure, architecture, and apps to help businesses maximize their ROI from the cloud. Comprehensive cloud support solutions ensure that issues are resolved at the earliest, efficiently.

  • End-to-end cloud support for existing and new applications
  • Manage cloud resources within your budget
  • Maximized performance and disaster recovery
  • Cloud integration and security tools

Do Not Find What You Are Looking For?

It is true that one size can’t fit all and you may not find what you are looking for here. However, to meet the specific and bespoke business requirements of our clients, and to help them achieve set goals, we offer custom cloud solutions.

  • POC and agile-based approach for faster time-to-market
  • Take a deeper look at your technology and develop a strategy that is right for your business
  • Help your current IT staff and help them handle your technology needs and support
  • Robust end-to-end cloud solutions to help your business become agile and data-driven

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