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Custom Application Development

  • We have experience in doing Custom application development, Integration using APIs and Integration of standard applications

  • We have successfully worked on multiple Enterprise application development  projects for development support and integration. With our team of expert consultants we are sure to maximize your IT investments and ensure you get the right tool at the right price
  • We have certified consultants who can give you a first hand advise on your software investments do Enterprise architecture work, help in system design, development and evaluation. With core implementation and support experience, Peritos can deliver an end to end support for your business.

  • We have clients across the globe to whom we provide remote as well as onsite consulting.


Cumulus Pro

As Cumulus Pro implementation partner, we provide custom implementation support for their Business Process Management product 'Straatos'.

  • Understand your development requirement
  • Detailed fit-gap analysis and recommendations
  • Create custom portal to manage your business processes.
  • Using standard Coding naming conventions and best practices to see improved performance
  • Helping to reduce time to market for both  implementation and Support Projects as well as enhancements
  • Migration to custom portal
  • Development, Cloud Platform integration and Customizations
  • Responsive design with add on Features like Reporting, SEO and improving end user expereince
  • UX design, User journey maps and creating
  • Specifically tailored to business needs to streamline business processes and provide stakeholder more visibility with adhoc reporting
  • Understand the API integration for business needs
  • Strong emphasis on API documentation
  • Implementing API using  JSON, XML and CSV format
  • Configure API standard codes for error handling
  • Analytics testing tools experience (e.g., Omnibug, Charles, Fiddler)
  • API testing tools (e.g., SOAP UI, ARC, POSTMAN)
  • Database Management and Expertise for readign and writing data from API using GET, PUT and POST
  • We have experience in building sophisticated distributed systems using REST/hypermedia web APIs (SOA).
  • Good experience in C#, sql server., ASP MVC 4, Razor, XML, Javascript, jQuery, SOAP and REST APIs
  • All scenarios are checked by doing regression testing, Smoke testing and Functioanl testing to ensure there is no impact on any business processes while you implement a new change whether development related or configuration
  • Cloud migration and Support in using and comparing leading servcie providers  AWS, GCP and Azure and SAP
  • Do a migration readiness check and meet prerequisites to ensure a smooth transition
  • Support with cloud development using On premise hosted on Virtual Machines and implementing Cloud strategy for enterprises
  • Consulting to understand cloud pricing and licenses offered by leading Service providers.
  • For other modules we find trainers on a need basis
  • Improved training experience  by doing preparation on your systems, servers and scenarios.
  • Use cloud native technologies for development and migration of data, application and platform migration services
  • Book for a demo to see our training packages and service offerings to evaluate
  • Full stack development services
  • Backend  technologies used C#, Python, .NET core
  • Front end development using Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP and HTML5 and CSS , React Native
  • Mobile development using Apache Cordova, Xamarin, Swift IoS and React to build cross platform and Native
  • PSD To HTML, Bootstrap, UI/UX design, Landing page design for PPC, E-blast

  • Documentation and Handover
  • Using the BPMN concept we create charts and map business processes and scenarios
  • We also use Google Site, Google and one Drive. Confluence and Wikis to manage the documentation depending on the client requirement
  • Makes it easy to Manage your existing system and landscape
  • Plan your change requests by doing impact analysis
  • Doing Testing and Automation
  • Planning migration and added new 3rd Party components

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alt="Open Cv+ Emgu CV"

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ID card Border detection and image processing using Emgu CV The article talks about different ways of image processing and the technology and issues which we faced while developing this solution for a client.

Project management documentation

Project management documentation

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