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Integration Services

  • We have experience in doing  using APIs and Integration of standard applications and tying all applications together so client can have a seamless flow and focus on the business rather than managing technology.

  • Let us know what applications you are currently using? Are there are manual efforts in doing data mapping or sending data from one system to another? If yes please send us details of how you would expect the TO BE scenario and get a free quote

  • We have certified consultants who can give you a first hand advise on your software investments do Enterprise architecture work, help in system design, development and evaluation. With core implementation and support experience, Peritos can deliver an end to end support for your business.
  • We have clients across the globe to whom we provide remote as well as onsite consulting.


Cumulus Pro

As Cumulus Pro implementation partner, we provide custom implementation support for their Business Process Management product 'Straatos'.

  • HubSpot: Worked on integration of HubSpot to map contacts, Leads, Campaigns and deals
  • ZOHO: Integration of products, Services, Leads, contacts and Suppliers
  • Pipedrive: Integrated creating pipelines using Drive, Asanas and Slack integration 
  • Mailchimp: Integration with WordPress and Google drive to create campaign and send automated and follow up emails to the leads 
  • Specifically tailored to business needs to streamline business processes and provide stakeholder more visibility with using API or other means of integration 
  • SAP System integration with 3rd Party softwares and Hybris to replicate deals and contacts 
  • Integration of SAP systems with 3rd Party systems 
  • Integration of SAP SD and CRM modules with Ecommerce solutions
  • Microsoft Active directory with SAP systems
  • Using reporting softwares to ERP systems like Power BI and Tableau 
  • Integration of SAP ByDesign with Magento 
  • Integration of SAP B1 application with Shopify
  • Integration with Xero using Create invoice and create Contact with CRM systems
  • Integration of SAP system FI with Audit management 3rd Party software
  •  Quickbooks integration with SAP to integrate travel expenses and ERP data
  •  Zoho Books integration payment gateway
  • Integration with payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe,  Payumoney and Payubiz gateway for clients
  • Implementing API to show balance on the admin portal of customer
  • Integration using APIs, coding and using scripts 
  • Initiating Refunds
  •  Integration of Single click checkout on website
  • Integration of Contact us form or Woo Commerce with payment gateways
  • Integration of website with eCommerce solution like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce
  • ETL integrations and data replication to produce a unified experience
  • Working on the existing system space to understand how to manage your website to Ecommerce integration including both leads and contacts 

While we prefer to use our custom integration using APIs and coding from scratch but  we have also used and recommend some off the shelf applications like 

  • Elastic.Io to automate and integrate major applications like SAP, Magento, Ecommerce solutions, Open Text, SAP Bydesign, SAP B1
  • Zapier: Use Zapier free subscription to manage your tasks and create small automation before you actually jump on to use the paid version.  
  •  SQL server integration service to manage integration with Native Microsoft applications and customer base 
  • Using Azure to Deploy your websites with a free 1 month subscription 
  • Integration with Plugins
  • Zapier Integration
  • Integration with Payment services
  • Shopify and Woo Commerce implementation
  • Amazon API integration
  • Manage lead Generation by sending to CRM, SQL server or Google or one drive sheet 
  • Windows Phone APIs & SDKs 
  • Facebook and twitter APIs for automatic reply and posting 
  • Google Drive and One Drive
  • Barcode APIs, 
  • Google Maps, Bing Maps on website 
  • Parse, MSPN, Parser, Camera, 
  • Augmented reality, SQL CE, Tile Control, Accelerometer
  • Using Postman, JSFiddler, SOAP Uis to call web services and do understand the API behavior for custom integrations 

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