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IoT Application Development &

  • We have worked on projects to conceptualize develop sensor information to read, store and communicate to enable IoT application to communicate with real world data

  • Experienced consultants who have worked on IoT devices and standard protocols 

  • Ability to leverage latest Raspberry PI model for integration

  • Using APIs from leading service providers like AWS to connect devices on Cloud 

  • Creating MVP and POC to enable rapid deployment for clients 
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Created an IoT device for pharmaceutical grade refrigerator which can be used for transportation of medicines to reach to the dealers and hospitals at the right temperature and humidity conditions

  • Project Wall: Project involved designing a digital signage application for Employee engagement. It will be used to display messages of upcoming events/announcement such as HR communication, IT announcement, and new project win etc. on the regular TV terminals
  • Installation Assistance: POC on Hololens, creating a holographic installation guide/training system for a leading lock manufacturer company. The application provides a holographic installation guide/training system by giving user a walkthrough of steps involved in installing a complex hardware.
  • Smart Meeting Room: Created a Windows 10 based universal application named ‘Smart meeting room’ Application running on Raspberry Pi 3. This application can help the user to assist whether the meeting room is booked or not through interactive voice commands and allows users to book the meeting room by using face detection (using Microsoft Cognitive services) and Office 365 APIs.
  • Lab Monitor: Created sensor based alert monitoring application by sensing sound alarm which goes off if a person is trying to steal any device from the lab. Application then take snapshots of the lab from the installed security cameras and send push notification to Windows Universal mobile app along with the snapshot of the lab.
  • Understand your development requirement
  • Detailed fit-gap analysis and recommendations
  •  Connecting the IoT devices to various mediums like mobile app or via cloud like SAP system , Azure , GCP and AWS.
  •  Raspberrry PI, Python development, Using C# and .NET core 
  • Using MQTT and XML to transfer payloads 
  • Using DB management to store and analyze the data
  • SAP IoT Leonardo Certified and Axelta certified Consultants 
  • Development expertise in multiple languages Python, C#
  • Devices: Raspberry Pi 2,3, Arduino 
  • Full stack developers and Certified consultants in multiple areas
  • AWS certified practitioner
  • TOGAF certified Solution Architect
  • SCRUM certified Business Analyst
  • Enterprise certifications with SAP and cloud based applications
  • Worked on SAP Leonardo for a Pharmaceutical refrigerator application
  • Integration with MQTT and On premise applications
  • Used Geo Fencing technique and Bluetooth to enable communication
  • Integration with AWS, GCP and SAP cloud platform
  •  Created an internal client server based application using js and Webkit which can be distributed company wide and can run on each employee machine over various operating systems (windows/mac) to capture the mood of employees.

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