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Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence

  • We have worked on projects to conceptualize develop specific machine learning algorithms, data extraction techniques and automation using Bots to complete work faster and more efficiently.

  • Experienced consultants who have worked on deep learning and machine learning algorithms

  • Ability to leverage latest machine learning techniques for NLP to deliver human-like accuracy for broad-vocabulary

  • Using APIs like Microsoft cognitive services, EMGU CV and Open CV to create POC and MVPs for customers


We implemented a custom application for our client to create facial feature detection to recognize identification using Passport images . We also used Machine learning zones to create and store data using OCR in the backend system.

  • Understand your development requirement
  • Detailed fit-gap analysis and recommendations
  • Using existing machine learning algorithms for Process optimization
  • Making images optimized, deskew and improving resolution for creating trained models
  • Creating Machine learning and readable zones to capture relevant information
  • Create a confidence level match and improve processing time as KPI for client applications 
  • Robotics for doing repetitive tasks
  • Implementing entrprise like applications for end user admnistration or data upload
    Scipting and using Client side and server side technology for improving logging and troubleshooting
  • Robotics for integration of 3rd Party application and API data to scale rapidly and cost effectively 
  • Using SAP tools and techniques like LSMW, BDC and Scripting for automation
    Doing automation testing for performance, optimization.
  • Using templates to improve artificial intelligence scoring
  • Using train APIs to build improvement in existing processes
  • Adding continuous data to improve OCR, image recognition and voice recognition techniques.
  • Creating chrome plugins and ABAP code for SAP applications to improve your Time to market and time to reach to customers
  • Chat bot application for and working on designing, implementing, and training algorithms that will drive conversational applications
  • Using Amazon Services like Amazon Lamda, EC2, Amazon RDS
  • Development expertise in multiple languages
  • OpenCV & Emgu CV
  • NumPy
  • TensorFlow
  • SciKit Learn
  • K
  • Full stack developers and Certified consultants in multiple areas
  • AWS certified practitioner
  • TOGAF certified Solution Architect
  • SCRUM certified Business Analyst
  • Enterprise certifications with SAP and cloud based applications
  • Automation using Robotics
  • Worked on SAP Leonardo for a Pharmaceutical refrigerator application
  • Worked on Chat bot application development using AWS
  • Created Training model for image processing
  • Created integration with Website and mobile applications
  • Created Analytical applications to discover trends and customer behaviour 

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Image processing algorithms

ID card Border detection and image processing using Emgu CV The article talks about different ways of image processing and the technology and issues which we faced while developing this solution for a client.

Project management documentation

Project management documentation

In this blog, we discuss the other documentation samples which can help you to manage your project effectively. IN this blog we share some of our best practices to create these documents and some samples which can be used to getting started


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