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Comprehensive and Reliable SAP Services

  • When it comes to SAP expertise it takes a lot of practice and experience. We have successfully worked on multiple SAP projects on development, support and integration. With our team of expert consultants we are sure to maximize your SAP investments .
  • We have experience in both core modules for functional consulting as well as for ABAP development with SAP consulting.
  • We have certified consultants who can give you a first hand advise on your software investments do Enterprise architecture work, help in system design, development and evaluation. With core SAP implementation and support experience, Peritos can deliver an end to end support for your business.
  • We have clients across the globe to whom we provide remote as well as onsite consulting.

We did a custom implementation for our client Fujitsu to integrate 3rd Party application to the on premise SAP system. We used XMII as the integration layer and integrated via REST APIs.

  • Understand your  development requirement
  • Detailed fit-gap analysis and recommendations
  • ABAP development using Best practices
  • Using Coding naming conventions
  • Helping to reduce time to market
  • Worked on  implementation and Support Projects
  • Automation using BDC, LSMW, Batch operations, Mass file upload 
  • Experience with Niche SAP development objects Like HANA Development, Cloud Platform integration, Fiori Development and Customizations
  • Experience of working on all RICEF objects 
  • Suppport for multiple modules like MM, SRM, FI, HR, PM and QM 
  • All development objects are completed after unit testing and Customer sign off with a documentation handover
  • Review and consultation of your existing issues 
  • SAP SPRO configuration to map to existing business processes 
  • Added custom configuration and changes to map to the business process 
  • Working with SAP from  customer Support portal on fidning and helping to implement latest notes to fix product bugs and improvements
  • Expert consulting across different modules like SRM, MM, FI, HR, PM and WM
  • Consulting for migration to new SAP versions  or doing a versio upgrade to analyze impact to existing business processes 
  • Migration to S/4, Fiori Apps and developing custom Fiori applications 
  • All scenarios are checked by doing regression testing, Smoke testing and Functioanl testing to ensure there is no impact on any business processes while you implement a new change whether development related or configuration
  • We help train your end users to maximize the SAP product investment by helping super users & end users to carry out the regular business processes  efficiently
  • Detailed fit-gap analysis & recommendations
  • Fast track training programs
  • Help to increase your user productivity
  • We offer training across multiple SAP modules like SAP B1, Procurement, Ariba, SRM, MM, Accounts payable/Receivable training for FI, HR and PM module
  • For other modules we find trainers on a need basis
  • Improved training experience by doing preparation on your systems, servers & scenarios.
  • Skill assessment to ensure there are no gaps
  • Help to prepare for certification
  • Hand on Simulation created by our team members & using our existing SAP knowledge
  • Book for a demo to see our training packages & service offerings to evaluate
  • We understand that SAP consulting , training and managing the system can be cumbersome hence we offer comprehensive Document management services
  • We use Document management services recommended by SAP Like Solman, Activate and managing all your development and Functional artifacts in one place
  • Using the BPMN concept we create charts and map business processes and scenarios
  • We also use Google Site, Google and one Drive. Confluence and Wikis to manage the documentation depending on the client requirement
  • Makes it easy to Manage your existing system and landscape
  • Plan your change requests by doing impact analysis
  • Doing Testing and Automation
  • Planning migration and added new 3rd Party components
  • Automation using Robotics
  • Integration of SAP Ariba with Vendor system
  • Worked on integration of PM module to Board certified Customer
  • Worked on integration of SAP system using C# and .NET connector
  • Worked on SAP Leonardo for a Pharmaceutical refrigerator application
  • Worked on Custom Fiori implementation apps for customers
  • Created Bar code application integration with the WM management system
  • Create new integration scenarios example we have worked on POC for SAP MII integration with Shop Floor system for a US based MNC Company 
  • Integration of Ariba with On premise systems 
  • Integration of Ariba spend Management with ECC data
  • Helping clients to map Invoices. IDOCs and Function module interfaces to map with SAP core modules 
  • Using XI,PI, Certificates and SAML authentication to handshake with SAP systems 
  • Integration of SAP with 3rd Party systems using REST services, EDI, ALE and IDOCs
  • Review and consultation of your SAP solutions
  • Detailed technical code analysis using our custom checklist and ATC
  • User authorisation and review of roles assigned and any database changes
  • Doing SPDD and SPAU activities to analyze and ensure system is performing optimally
  • Preparing a system checklist to check system readiness for migration and upgrade
  • Doing Basis related activity and checking for any systems requiring updates like for TLS V1.2, Outdated certificates and system pack maintenance

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