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Our Zoho specialists have a functional skill set that enables you to bridge the gap between your business requirements and technological solutions. We can help you with end to end Zoho Implementation and Support services. The following services are our specialties:


  • Zoho CRM to manage your web apps. It helps in running your company efficiently and improves customer satisfaction
  • Zoho Creator is the ideal interface for creating applications to cater to your specific company requirements
  • Get a robust and fast invoicing platform for all your company requirements with Zoho Books
  • Use Zoho Invoice to automate all of your requirements and manage your transactions & invoices 


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zoho implementation expert

Zpho Expert

We are a Zoho Advanced Partner and a certified Zoho CRM and Creator solution provider. Being a well-known Zoho CRM consultant, we offer one-stop solutions for Zoho implementation and support for all your company needs and also use our in-depth knowledge of Zoho CRM to deliver best practices.

  • Our Zoho consulting services include assisting you in determining the business advantages of adopting Zoho products
  • We provide a range of Zoho CRM consulting services to suit any budget
  • By using our CRM consulting services, your company can improve client satisfaction and sales
  • Our consulting services assist in achieving success at each stage of CRM application development

Zoho Technical Consulting

Our experienced Zoho consulting team offers a unique set of skills to work on your Zoho projects. Peritos helps you in making wise technology investments, enhance processes and save time and money. We bridge the gap between business requirements and technological solutions. 

  • Zoho Implementation
  • Business process analysis
  • Zoho ERP consulting
  • Zoho CRM consulting
  • Zoho cloud integrations
  • Zoho Support
zoho crm technical expert
zoho invoice expert

Functional Consulting

To ensure the efficiency of your business cloud, you must incorporate a platform that integrates all of your business operations. We are a Certified Zoho Consulting Partner capable of ensuring that your company runs cost-effectively. 

  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Reports
  • Zoho Invoice
  • Zoho Recruit
  • integrations

Zoho Integration And Reporting

We can assist you in setting up the advanced version of your Zoho Reports to get a full view of your team’s achievements. It may include whatever you desire in the reports, including project status, hours used, charts, planned vs. real reports, and more.

  • Zoho Reports understanding and implementation
  • Zoho Reports integration and deployment
  • Digital Platform Embedding Reports and Dashboards
  • Integration of SCP-ME Analytics Plus
zoho integration expert

Zoho Audit & System Management

We offer comprehensive and simple solutions for even the most complex IT administration issues, from ensuring your business’s security to assuring high availability and keeping your users satisfied. We help you grow your business at full pace and with extreme security.

  • Management of Active Directory
  • Management of the help desk
  • Management of desktops
  • Management of networks and servers

Free Credits

We’d like to express our appreciation by providing you some $300 free Zoho Wallet credits to explore our expensive product range. With these credits, you may buy any new Zoho App or upgrade your existing subscription to a higher version.

  • Making a new Zoho application purchase on behalf of an existing or new client
  • Upgrade existing editions
  • Upgrade existing plans
  • Adding additional user licenses

Training, Documentation & Handover

Peritos Solutions make sure that businesses are able to leverage the full potential of their cloud ecosystem with end-to-end management. We offer exhaustive training, documentation, and handover of cloud services.

  • Training to build general cloud awareness or meet specific requirements
  • Efficient management of cloud system through our detailed user guides
  • Our project handover includes Admin and System guides for all the details
  • End-to-end training until you are confident to manage the cloud services on your own


Peritos offers reliable support and manages infrastructure, architecture, and apps to help businesses maximize their ROI from the cloud. Comprehensive cloud support solutions ensure that issues are resolved at the earliest and efficiently.

  • End-to-end cloud support for existing and new applications
  • Manage cloud resources within your budget
  • Maximized performance and disaster recovery
  • Cloud integration and security tools

Do Not Find What You Are Looking For?

As an approved Zoho consultant, we work with our customers to understand and evaluate their companies’ operations. We identify important areas that contribute significantly to major company objectives before we propose a viable CRM strategy.

  • Straightforward CRM model adoption
  • Getting to know Zoho and how it works
  • Increasing productivity while avoiding confusion
  • Using the CRM to save money by reducing mistakes

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