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Check the list of How to Create sales quotes that shows below

sales quote

Number Series:

Select the number series from the dropdown list which are custom created based on the requirements shared

Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated

Copy From the existing document:

You could copy the existing sales quote from here

Action > Quote > Copy Document as seen below

Copy Existing sales quote

Enter the Quote number to copy from in the next window

Copy Sales Document

You can also copy from an existing order:

  1. Select Order from Dropdown
  2. Add order number
  3. Select the Include header option
  4. Select Recalculate lines.

Sales document

In General Fast Tab

General Fast tab

  • Select Customer

Click on the below option to attach the customer to the sales Quote

Select Customer

Select the customer from the list below

Customer List

  • Select Contact

Click on the option to select the contact

Select Contact

It shows the next window to select contacts from the list or you can click on New to create more.


Lines Fast Tab

  • On the Lines FastTab, in the Type field, select what type of product, charge, or transaction you will post for the customer with the sales line.
  • In the No. field, select a record to post according to the value in the Type field.

You leave the No. field empty in the following cases:

    • If the line is for comment. Write the comment in the Description field.
    • If the line is for a catalog item. Choose the Select Catalog Items action. For more information, see Work With Catalog Items.
  • In the Quantity field, enter how many units of the product, charge, or transaction the line will record for the customer.

Line fast tab

Invoice details

We can add these below details as highlighted in the below image, which is already filled

Invoice details

Shipping and Billing Fast tab

  • Select Ship to

Scroll down to the shipping & billing section to select ship-to address for a sales quote.

Shipping and billing

Graphical user interface, application, website Description automatically generated

  • Select Bill to address

bill to address


Email the quote

Once the sales quote is generated, click on the print /send option on the top menu as highlighted below and click on send by email.

Email To the quote

Send By email

It will take a couple of minutes for the quote to be ready.

sales quote report generated

  • If we want to salesperson name like which salesperson sending this email so we can fill up salesperson code

Salesperson code

  • And Can see their name like as below image

Update address

Please note, the name in the signature is picked from the name of the salesperson on this quote.

Feed-in the email ID you wish share the quote with and press ‘send email’.

Send Email

A prepopulated email format gets displayed and you can email to the customer from inside the tool

Email Details

Print the Quote

Once the quote is generated click on print/send option on the header menu and click on print.

Print the Quote

Select the printer you wish to choose for print.

Print sales quote

Click on preview to have sneak peak of the page layout before the print.

Preview Sales Quote

Print sales quote

Convert the quote to sales order as below :

Make order

NOTE: When the sales Quote is converted to Order it is no longer visible. It would then be only seen as a sales Order.


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