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Do you want to seamlessly implement Zoho Solutions in your organization?

As Zoho’s Partner, we have proven expertise in the following services pertaining to Zoho:

  • Customization, integration, and implementation of Zoho products and solutions
  • Training end users
  • Providing L1 customer support
  • Building customized solutions for clients on existing Zoho platforms
  • Integration of existing On-Premise or Cloud solutions/products with one or more of Zoho’s products and/or services

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Service Offerings

As an experienced partner, we can help you across every aspect of your Zoho journey across Zoho resources such as Sales and Marketing, Email and Collaboration, Business Process, Finance, IT Helpdesk etc.

Leveraging our strong Zoho suite experience and expertise, we can help you in identifying the right product offerings and then tailoring them as per your business needs.

We provide end-to-end implementation and support services across Zoho resources. From addressing your sales marketing needs (Zoho CRM, Zoho Sales Inbox, Zoho Sales IQ, Zoho Contact Manager etc.) to managing your finances (Zoho Books, Zoho Inovice, Zoho Checkout, Zoho Inventory etc.) and more, whatever maybe your need, we are happy to help.

We have strong expertise in development of custom features in Zoho and integration  across Leading CRM and Accounting product.  Integration can be done using standard Zoho functionality or using APIs. 

Detail Service offerings 

Zoho Implementation & Integration

  • Zoho implementation and planning services
  • Zoho project management (across Zoho’s suite of offerings)
  • Business process definition
  • Providing End-user training
  • Designing and delivering data migration strategy and data mapping
  • Systems integration (On-premise or cloud) via Zoho REST APIs across Zoho resources 

Zoho Consulting

  • Implementation, Business Process Mapping and Gap Analysis across Zoho resources
  • Integration services for Zoho resources (via Zoho REST APIs) with third-party apps (On-premise of cloud)
  • Customization services to ensure Zoho resources can best address specific business needs
  • Strong expertise in Zoho One suite of offerings 

Zoho Support

We provide technical and functional support services across Zoho resources such as:

  •  Zoho Recruit
  •  Zoho Projects
  •  Zoho People
  •  Zoho Reports
  •  Zoho CRM

And many more……

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