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Manage Approval Delegations

Mark user as out of office and add start and end date. See the workflow tasks being assigned to the substitute on a schedule basis

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Approval Delegation and Audit checks

Maintain Out of office

User can select out of office and maintain dates 


Automatic delegation

System delegates the approval to the substitute maintained in standard table


Check Exceptions

Marking exception for users who have approved above thier approval limit


Core Features

We're a software company that provide solutions

We provide reliable solutions for ERPs that boosts your productivity, gives better visibility and improves processes. 

Audit Friendly

Loggin and Exception monitoring to ensure approvals are always done by the right people with the right authority

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Cloud extension

Can be installed easily on a click of a button 

UI Experience

Fully adaptable to the Business central UI with easy to use interface

Highly Customizable

Option to update logs or and show / hide exception entries

Audit Friendly

Easy for Audit team to carry out the checks in the system 

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Why use this extension?

This is a perfect solution for businesses having issues in checking the Approval trail for incorrect approvals

It helps to discover if any purchase or sales order was incorrectly approved by a user who does not have the approval limit.

Better Workflow task Management

Approval users can now set themselves up as being out of office with a start and end date

Configuration Options

Enable/ Disable logs , Delegation functionality and exception logging by using config options

Audit friendly

Logs mark exception cases where the approval limit was lower than the order amount

Make your process tighter

Managing workflows and approvals in a better way should streamline your business process.

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How it works- Product Help

We are using below technological component

  • Business Central AL programming to build a fully compatible interface. 

App is ready to use and just click on the install app option to get started 

It would  have some Peritos Configuaration option which can be used for managing app functionality. 

There are no charges as of now. We would inform 6 months in advance if any changes to our payment policy and if the app ceases to be free. 

App is free to run and use however if any changes to the functionality is to be customized then it would be additionally charged


There are no hidden, additional charges applicable 

We would be updating the app every quarter with new features. If you have any feedback , Questions or concerns please send email to

We only have one package to choose from which is free Tier for using the app.

Customizations or any specific changes are not available as part of the free package it can be done if the client is keen to buy our managed services option

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