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Case Study Mobile App Machineroad-AWS


We helped Machineroad to create a bespoke mobile-based application for end-users to improve their Cricket bowling skills.

The app facilitates the users measuring the ball speed, showing ball trajectory line, and recording the video and image snippet followed by detailed level analytics to help them see their progress week on week and month on month. it also includes Gamification and leaderboard functionality. 


A fully functional app that was published on stores included:

  • Native Android App
  • Native IoS App
  • Backend System
  • Reporting and Analytics using Quicksight and DB services

SAP HubSpot Integration


Sync the leads from Hubspot to SAP ByDesign so whenever there's a new New lead in the CRM system the integration component will create a new lead in SAP


APIs were shortlisted and SAP DB copy was made to send data to HubSpot. Create Contacts, Deals and Companies and ensure they are interlinked. Add a CRON JOB to run the program on a schedule basis.  

Azure Website Migration


To understand client's existing landscape. Ensure database is migrated. Understand if any backup or DR strategy is to be implemented. Adding some new features like Auth0 Login 


Migrate website from existig cloud solution provider to Azure. Ensure Azure Services are activated, DNS entries and maintained, DB is migrated and with Zero downtime site is migrated smoothly 

Power BI Custom Visualizations


To show configuration Option on Power BI Dashboard and ability to add custom icons making the dashboard more visually appealing . 


To show custom Visual Data set using React programming on a Power BI Dashboard. Make it visually appealing to the end user and control via Row and access level authorization 

SAP BOBJ Upgrade


Migrating to SAP BOBJ 4.2 SPS07 to establish connection and perform tasks.


Installing system Components and doing data migration to perform the upgrade 

Power BI integration with Quickbooks


Creating Code update Power BI with Custom Visual Filter and to allow user to update icons and Formatting rules easily 


Creating a React based code to create a PBIVIZ file which can be shared with the client to upload and manage custom Visuals. 

zoho integration

Zoho integration

Read more about how we integrated Zoho application to the SQL server and helped client to import the data to Zoho application.

Image processing

Read more about how we implemented an image processing application and did OCR and added algorithms to improve accuracy.

alt="IoT ecosystem"

AWS IoT Application

Read more about how we created the IoT Application for Pharmaceutical refrigerator and helped them to automate and manage their business processes.

Mailchimp Automation

Read more about how Mailchimp can be used effectively and to manage your email channels and create automation using email to move your lead ahead in the buyer journey

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