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Quickbooks - PowerBI integration

Power BI report for QuickBooks

Key Challenges

Integrate Quickbooks (an accounting software) with Power BI to publish reports

Our Solution

Integrated Quickbooks with Power BI using QQube 
zoho integration

Zoho integration

Read more about how we integrated Zoho application to the SQL server and helped client to import the data to Zoho application.

Image processing

Read more about how we implemented an image processing application and did OCR and added algorithms to improve accuracy.

alt="IoT ecosystem"

AWS IoT Application

Read more about how we created the IoT Application for Pharmaceutical refrigerator and helped them to automate and manage their business processes.

Mailchimp Automation

Read more about how Mailchimp can be used effectively and to manage your email channels and create automation using email to move your lead ahead in the buyer journey