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Azure Cloud Consulting Services

Peritos is a MICROSOFT GOLD PARTNER and can offer you free trials and credits. Our Azure Cloud Consulting Services are backed by a pool of certified Microsoft Azure Architects. We can help your business by examining and analyzing the existing architecture, explore bottlenecks, and offer the best possible solution. 

We can help you cut down on your Azure migration and development efforts while optimizing your Azure infrastructure.

  • Are you looking for fully managed and scalable Azure Cloud solutions?
  • Want to decrease costs through optimization of Microsoft Azure Stack?
  • Leverage on-premise integration or hybrid solution?
  • Automate resource utilization and select Azure services to reduce cloud consumption costs?


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Why choose Peritos?


We have experienced and Azure certified experts to help you flawlessly with Azure cloud implementation. We help businesses execute projects while meeting the expected quality, time, and budget expectations. Our end-to-end solutions ensure absolute data security and compliance.

  • Efficient Azure migration strategy to reduce development costs
  • Leverage CI/CD pipelines to speed up development and reduce efforts
  • Adjust Identity and Access Management through Azure Active Directory and component-level security
  • Help you reduce tenancy costs and increase the overall performance of your Azure environment

Azure Consulting Services

Modernize your infrastructure, business processes, and applications with Azure. Peritos offers round-the-clock Microsoft Azure consulting services for organizations looking to utilize the power of Microsoft Azure and Cloud-Native capabilities. While Microsoft Azure has been evolving rapidly and emerged as a market leader, your business might need a more tangible and thorough summary of the benefits.

    • Leverage cost-effective Pay-As-You-Go model to spend only for what you need
    • Meet business-critical compliance including finance and GDPR
    • Manage remote offices and branch locations without the complexity of on-site management
    • Deliver better apps, faster with an integrated, mobile-optimized DevOps toolset

Azure Migration Services

Do you need expert help with Azure cloud migration? Accelerate your Azure migration while avoiding common pitfalls, meeting security and compliance requirements. Our certified Azure Cloud Architects will analyze your existing architecture, understand your business needs, and prioritize applications for migration. We design and build a custom Azure environment that meets your compliance, security, agility, and cost-efficiency requirements.

  • Prioritize applications, dependencies, and risks while aligning stakeholders on the roadmap and required resources
  • Integrate CI/CD pipeline with our infrastructure automation
  • Design secure, compliant Azure reference architecture
  • Choose the right Azure-native or 3rd party tool for data migration

Azure Data Services

Are you looking for leading-edge Azure data services? Peritos has a pool of Azure certified consultants who can help your business leverage Azure data services cost-efficiently and reliably. We have helped several organizations leverage the security, scalability, reliability, and agility of the Azure cloud.

  • High-Speed Dedicated Server, Virtual Private server

  • Design Optimized and cost-effective solution with hybrid cloud

  • Multi-Cloud Advisory & adoption services through experienced cloud architects

  • A comprehensive strategy, focused plan, and right deployment model

Azure Integration Services

Having difficulty in integrating multiple independent complex integration systems? Peritos can help you connect applications within your business to accelerate time to market and enhance productivity. Also, connect applications between businesses (B2B) to strengthen relationships, facilitate collaboration, and many more.

  • Work with any host and API for unlimited scalability
  • Connect and Integrate data from the cloud to on-premises
  • Implement complex message routing based on the information
  • Reduce integration challenges

DevOps Services

Our DevOps services can help you leverage free CI/CDs for an unlimited time period and multiple parallel jobs for every open source project. Through our DevOps solutions, you can easily execute planning and tracking, development, build and test, delivery and monitoring, and operations.

  • Get continuous integration and delivery tools
  • Infrastructure configuration management and automation tools
  • Efficient work management and planning
  • Tailor-made release management process


Azure Account Management

Peritos Solutions can help you with Azure cost management, additional engineering support, technical monitoring, technical account reviews, architectural development, and more. Make the most of your Azure investment while efficiently managing your cloud through a single portal.

  • Get a dedicated account manager support
  • Data for operational management and cost management
  • Budgeting control as per your business needs
  • Bring greater clarity to complex cloud strategies

Do not find what you are looking for?

We understand one size can’t fit all and you may not find what you are looking for here. However, to meet the specific and bespoke business requirements of our clients, we offer custom cloud solutions.

  • POC and Agile-based approach for faster time-to-market

  • Take a deeper look at your technology and develop a strategy that is right for your business

  • Help your current IT staff and help them handle your technology needs and support

  • Robust end-to-end cloud solutions to help your business become agile and data-driven

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We integrated the solution design to match the requirement and made it configurable to run for multiple clients on Hubspot.

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Azure Website Migration

Read more about how we can migrate website from existing cloud solution provider to Azure while ensuring Azure Services are activated, DNS entries and maintained Also DB is migrated and with Zero downtime site is migrated smoothly at the same time.

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Power BI Custom Visualizations

Read more about how to show custom Visual Data set using React programming on a Power BI Dashboard while making it visually appealing to the end user and controlling via Row and access level authorization.

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